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Golf Parents Hall of Fame
Celebrating the Parents of Pro Golfers

"Behind every successful golfer, there are often unsung heroes who play a significant role in shaping their journey to the top, these heroes are non other than the parents who offer unwavering support, love guidance every step of the way "
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Quotes from Players

"I'm just so thankful to have two supportive and loving parents that let me chase my childhood dream. Life is too short to not do what your heart desires. And they also taught me you have to be a good person and spread kindness above all." This award is so meaningful to them.
--Sahith Theegala (PGA)                    

"My parents have sacrificed so much for me and my brother. It’s not easy to dedicate as much time and effort as they have - taking us to practice, researching tournaments, and arranging travel as well as finding coaches and signing us up for lessons. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have one of them traveling with me throughout my entire career which helps me to focus on golf while they take care of things off the course. This award is special because it’s a way to honor everything they’ve put into helping me become my best. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what’s coming next, and receiving this award gave us a chance to reflect on the successes of the year as a family."  --Allisen Corpuz (LPGA)

Welcome to, where we recognize the incredible dedication and support of parents in raising world-class golfers. As parents ourselves, we understand the joys and challenges of raising children, and we're here to share our insights and advice on how to make golf parenting more rewarding.

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